Blogger’s Paradise, or really, Anyone’s Paradise

Too! Many! Updates! Brain. Overload. (death noise) To begin with, I arrived in New Zealand on Sunday, to Dunedin, a coastal city on the southeastern side of the southern island (you’ll probably have to scroll down to see it): Dunedin was described by Nigel (aka “The Man”) as being “more Scottish than the Scottish.” Little … Continue reading Blogger’s Paradise, or really, Anyone’s Paradise

Notes on Sydney

As a tribute to my Australian visit, I compiled a list of notable things. Tips for Travelers (most of which I learned the hard way): A US citizen needs a visa to visit (VISIT) Australia. It’s best to do this online rather than last minute, at the airport, because you didn’t know you needed a … Continue reading Notes on Sydney

“Down” but not out!

Hello dear readers! I’m back! For those of you who noticed my absence, one—wow, thanks, and two—I  apologize. The time has come for me to blog again because, if you didn’t check this update here, I am headed to the other side of the world. [I wanted to say, “To the Land Down Under!” but I’m only … Continue reading “Down” but not out!

The DMV nightmare

It started with the MVD, i.e., My Version of Damnation, or the “Motor Vehicle Division” as they like you to believe. (My friend is convinced it’s actually one of Dante’s levels of hell, and I think that’s a more accurate assessment.) So the Judge (my father) and I go to this circle of doom on Monday of … Continue reading The DMV nightmare