Square Poems

This will not impress you unless you try it yourself. My poet friend shared this with me because he knows I like poems that do cool things. This one is a Square Stanza, Futility Closet by Lewis Carroll. It’s unique because it reads the same both across and down: Kudos, Lewis Carroll! I’m convinced it was the … Continue reading Square Poems

The Tournament

This post has nothing to do with the Super Bowl. Yesterday was the Cursed Emotional Holiday Tennis Tournament, a mixed doubles tournament in which I participated thanks to coercion and a general lack of awareness. THE SET-UP A few weeks ago, this charming lady in her 70’s invite Holly and I to play in the  Valentine’s Day tournament. “Sure!” … Continue reading The Tournament

Run, Forest. Run.

I guess all my bragging about the warm New Mexican weather triggered karma into effect because it has snowed. Behold my view yesterday morning: When the weatherman predicts snow in Roswell, we don’t believe it. Six inches? HA! But snow it did, perhaps not six inches, but enough to bless the children with a snow … Continue reading Run, Forest. Run.

A funny story

I thought this was funny, and also demonstrative of my life (i.e. it’s embarrassing)- Okay, some background information. When I was learning to play tennis, I had a knack for hitting balls with the frame of my racquet rather than, say, the strings–a skill that I still possess. One day after I finished a private lesson with my friend, a lesson … Continue reading A funny story

The day of the dentist

Today I went to the dentist. Not my normal dentist (God bless his heart, he’s dealing with cancer), but this new guy who has a freakishly similar name that when mumbled into the phone receiver sounds much like my old dentist’s name, causing much confusion and multiple “I beg your pardon?’s”. (Note to New Dentist’s Secretary Lady: … Continue reading The day of the dentist