What’s with all the paprika?

6 thoughts on “What’s with all the paprika?”

    1. lauren sue: omg I can’t wait! btw I think I accidently reactivated my account, so you can tag me, yay!! (umm that’s a bit presumptuous. Ahem. If I appear in your shout outs and you would like to tag me, please feel free.) loooove you

      amberleigh: thank you! I’m slowly progressing. And steal away! There was one about skydiving that was really funny but I dont’ remember it. If I do, I’ll be sure to post it 🙂

  1. Why don’t you give us a snippet of what you’re writing? Or is it top secret??

    p.s. I’m sure the end result will be fantastic.

    p.s.2 Everybody’s using a nickname so I thought I’d use one too.

    p.s.3 The post scriptum to message ratio probably gives my identity away…

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