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    1. Hi Limor!
      I’m not sure what you’re looking for exactly. Are you in the Rhode Island area? There’s a community writing group I can direct you to, but I don’t teach any workshops myself.

  1. Hi Jenny,
    I wish you are doing well these days. Unfortunately, I did not have the chance to meet you, and I wish if you can allow to comment on your blog.

    While reading your blog, I felt like you are a fictional character. As you are different compared to normal people in a much better way. Especially in taking risks such as going to Rhode Island without any plan, no job, no friends, no family. For me, sometimes I model my decisions as equations and differentiate them to find the optimal decision! :D.

    I am also very impressed with your life experiences in your age. You tried multiple jobs (dolphin trainer ), you visited many countries, you even did graduate studies.

    At the end, I would like to ask you 3 questions:
    1) what else in life you did not do yet?
    2) For a moment, I wished if I can be in your place and have all these life adventures and travel these places. So why your personality is like that? is it genetics or the way your parents raised you or what?
    3) The quote you have attached with your bio:
    “I’m not really a queen. But back in 2010 I was having an identity crisis, and as I went soul searching I thought I’d start a blog. It was part of “the new me.” And it seems to have stuck.”
    I could not understand what happened in 2010, from 2009-2012 you were doing masters. So what happened and what do you mean by an identity crisis? is there a blog about that?

    I am sorry if my comment is long. Please feel free if you do not want to answer my comments.

    Thanks in advance and all the best for you :)).

    1. Hi Peter,
      Thank you for your comment and for taking the time to read my blog. Where are you from? How did you find my blog?
      To answer your questions:
      1) I would like to find an agent and get my book published
      2) probably a little of both! My parents took me on adventures when I was a kid, and I think I have a pretty independent personality. I love meeting new people and seeing new places.
      3) I went through a break-up and it was very difficult. there is no blog about it 🙂
      Hope all is well in your part of the world!

  2. Hi Jenny,
    – Thank you for your reply first. Let me introduce myself very quickly to you. I come from Egypt and I have a bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in engineering from there. In 2017, I moved to Canada to do my Ph.D., it was a funded program that I work in the university and they fund my study and living expenses. Although I was 26 years old when I went to Canada, it was my first time to ride a flight and I had no family or friends in Canada.

    – I tried too hard to finish my degree in a short time, so after 3.5 years I did my Ph.D. defense and that was 2 months ago. I always used to push myself to either study or work. So to see someone takes risks and enjoying life like you is something I miss in my life.

    – I read your blog about Egypt. I like how you negotiated the price of camal ride from 750EGP to 250EGP. That is very Egyptian. Also, I am glad you tried Koshari, it is my favorite dish that I miss in Canada. Regarding smoking “shicha”, please do not try that again as it is very dangerious 😃

    – I actually found your bio in an Orthodox group (I am coptic Orthodox by the way). I noticed that you are different compared to the people in this group. I was telling myself is there true or is there people like that until I found your blog. If that bothers you, I appologize 🙂

    Best of luck again and have a great day.

    1. Ahhh okay I follow you now. And that’s fine. I’m glad you found my blog about Egypt! The koshari was delicious – I’m happy that was one of our challenges 😊 Thanks for reaching out and connecting! And HUGE CONGRATS on finishing your PhD 👏🏼

  3. Thanks a lot Jenny and it was great to talk to you. I wish one day you can make it to Canada and to have the chance to meet you.

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