Ireland at Last

We made it to Ireland!!! After eight trains, one midnight ferry, one lost phone, and $800 worth of tickets, we finally arrived! We left our less-than-50-euro hotel at 1:30a.m., boarded the 2:40a.m. ferry, and entered a weird twilight zone where we were amid hundreds of seats, several cafes, and a theatre, with maybe only 20 people, none … Continue reading Ireland at Last

The Luck of the Irish

It was established long ago that my family does not bear the so-called “Luck of the Irish” (possibly because we’re not Irish), but instead we bear the “Luck of the Curriers,” which is the opposite. This means that despite Laura’s wonderful efforts to get us on the fast track to Dublin via Wales, I instead followed our original … Continue reading The Luck of the Irish

The End of Ireland

(as in, the end of my trip, not the end of the country)   A Wee Bit O’ Ireland (Part III)   The best/worst/weirdest day ever in Ireland continues!   [If you missed Ireland Part I or Ireland Part II, please follow the links so you can feel knowledgeable.]   When last I wrote, I … Continue reading The End of Ireland