My German Parea

Today my writing workshop will arrive to Thassos: seventeen participants and ten teachers/advisors. We will fill Archodissa with bustling activity, old friends reuniting and new friends meeting for the first time. The quiet mornings I have right now, where I sit alone on the patio typing while Dimitri sets up tables and Kyria Eva prepares … Continue reading My German Parea

A Tale of Two Blogs: a Cautionary Tale from Hawaii to Scotland

IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT THIS BLOG: Since Lauren, whom I’m traveling with, also blogs, we thought it would be wildly exciting to have a dual blog about the same event written from both of our perspectives— one with her “voice” and one with mine. It’ll be like listening to two different eyewitness accounts, and this entry … Continue reading A Tale of Two Blogs: a Cautionary Tale from Hawaii to Scotland

A Lesson In Karma

There are two things you should know about me. 1)     I hate paying for parking 2)     I hate driving through Boston Here’s why I hate these things: Paid Parking The beauty of growing up in Roswell, New Mexico is that all residential neighborhoods are fair game for parking on the street, and no parking lot … Continue reading A Lesson In Karma

The End of Ireland

(as in, the end of my trip, not the end of the country)   A Wee Bit O’ Ireland (Part III)   The best/worst/weirdest day ever in Ireland continues!   [If you missed Ireland Part I or Ireland Part II, please follow the links so you can feel knowledgeable.]   When last I wrote, I … Continue reading The End of Ireland