A Lesson In Karma

8 thoughts on “A Lesson In Karma”

  1. sounds like the exact sort of thing that would happen to me. ugh. imagine us together? it’s going to be interesting.

    LOVED the Jew joke, bravo!!!

    also loved the Hyperbole and a Half reference 🙂

    1. Haha, well the good thing about New England is that the wrong town doesn’t mean desolate wasteland for 200 miles, so it’s a little better than being trapped in, say, Vaughn 🙂

  2. So where were we in the mix? You did call home. I hope it wasn’t to confirm that be totally wrong about where one’s car is parked is a hereditary disorder even though it appears to happen alot in this family

    1. I did leave out the detail that I was talking on and off with my parents, who commenced Google searching as I re-boarded the T and provided support for me lest I end up as a missing person.

      my apologies!

  3. The Braintree / Quincy / Quincy Adams T stations are nothing short of a Bermuda Triangle. As well as Jamaica Plain, and the rest of Boston for that matter. I’ve totally been there! Love your blog by the way…

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