The Longest Flight Ever

I did not intend to break my blogging silence with rant about United Airlines—because, generally, American Airlines will always provide a worse experience, especially when flying through Dallas—but I have just spent $15.00 to entertain myself with the internet for a measly two hours, and I think it deserves commensurate internet compensation in the form … Continue reading The Longest Flight Ever

First Impressions of France: No French, No Shoes, No Service

A note about the French language to the People of France: I believe I am physically incapable of sounding French. I would have a better time speaking in an African clicking language than pronouncing “Rochechouart” or “Batignolles” to a degree worthy enough to be considered language. Nik the Greek had a wonderful time trying to … Continue reading First Impressions of France: No French, No Shoes, No Service

A Lesson In Karma

There are two things you should know about me. 1)     I hate paying for parking 2)     I hate driving through Boston Here’s why I hate these things: Paid Parking The beauty of growing up in Roswell, New Mexico is that all residential neighborhoods are fair game for parking on the street, and no parking lot … Continue reading A Lesson In Karma

Waitress Rant: Beware

I just watched a rerun of Friends in which Dr. Green, Rachel’s dad, yells at a waiter for bringing him a ’74 bottle of wine instead of a ’75 (“Everyone knows that ’74 was a sewer year! Is that what you wanted—to bring me sewer water?”) and he follows it with this charming sentiment:   … Continue reading Waitress Rant: Beware