The Longest Flight Ever

4 thoughts on “The Longest Flight Ever”

  1. It does not matter that you were bored and maybe “hangry” when you ranted. Everything you questioned and said made sense to me. I have not flown United since 2017, or flown anywhere for that matter, these new entertainment arrangements are news to me. I dislike it when marketing tech think tanks of companies believe they are being savvy when they require downloads, without foresight on the tools required and if ever single customer even has access to a decent, really smart (aka expensive) phone. Mine happens to be a very low end model with limited memory. So now, I no longer have access to entertainment when riding on their plane. Oh well, I’ve always loved the feel of real books anyway. Enjoy your vacation!

    1. I agree—it’s very inconsiderate for those who don’t have fancy phones! And I love reading too…but I wasn’t suuuuper into the book I’d brought on the plane, and 9 hours is a long time. My parents flew American from Dallas to Hawaii and got a meal and personal movie screens, so maybe not all hope is lost!

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