The Tournament

This post has nothing to do with the Super Bowl. Yesterday was the Cursed Emotional Holiday Tennis Tournament, a mixed doubles tournament in which I participated thanks to coercion and a general lack of awareness. THE SET-UP A few weeks ago, this charming lady in her 70’s invite Holly and I to play in the  Valentine’s Day tournament. “Sure!” … Continue reading The Tournament

Run, Forest. Run.

I guess all my bragging about the warm New Mexican weather triggered karma into effect because it has snowed. Behold my view yesterday morning: When the weatherman predicts snow in Roswell, we don’t believe it. Six inches? HA! But snow it did, perhaps not six inches, but enough to bless the children with a snow … Continue reading Run, Forest. Run.

A funny story

I thought this was funny, and also demonstrative of my life (i.e. it’s embarrassing)- Okay, some background information. When I was learning to play tennis, I had a knack for hitting balls with the frame of my racquet rather than, say, the strings–a skill that I still possess. One day after I finished a private lesson with my friend, a lesson … Continue reading A funny story