On a Quest for Hot Chocolate

10 thoughts on “On a Quest for Hot Chocolate”

  1. Amazing story (as usual), that had me at the edge of my seat with a strong craving for hot chocolate.

    How wonderful (and miraculous) for Rob to hear his favorite chanter!

    Looking forward to seeing the tattoo in person in a few months!

  2. So lively! So interesting! So beautiful! Thank you, Jenny. The interior of the Church was also so very lovely! (Aunt Betty) Elyse

  3. Beautiful! I love this story! Made me feel like I was there and even brought some tears to my eyes…(in a good way)
    We actually went to the Monestary of St Ephraim this summer as well and it was a wonderful experience. Glad you are enjoying life! And
    Thank you for sharing your story! 💗

    1. Oh that’s amazing! I’m so glad you got to experience the monastery – I hope your travels to get there were less crazy than ours! Thank you so much for reading the blog and being a part of the adventure 😊 Wishing you a very blessed 2023!

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