Pride comes before the fall

6 thoughts on “Pride comes before the fall”

    1. Wow. I approve.

      I actually just had a fight with this kid I hit with who swears by Prince racquets because I have a Babolat and was telling him Babs is better. Well, he made me do my volley drill with a Prince because I am terrible at volleys–and it was perhaps the best I’ve ever done. So I guesssss Prince is all right…

  1. You perhaps have just written about my own tournament experiences, but I was the one who LOST to the 6th grader!!!!!

  2. Since when is 65 years old “old”. Have I taught you nothing! By the way, where did you hide my walker.

    Love you!!!!!

  3. Thought I did this already but here we go again. Since when is 65years old “old”? Oh by the way, where did you put my walker? lol

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