The only thing that’s green about Roswell is the aliens

4 thoughts on “The only thing that’s green about Roswell is the aliens”

  1. There are 2 coffee shops! And more than one bus. The company that built busses went out of business. I am Not surprised by your experience at Lawrence Brothers. That place is ghetto. The problems, I have discovered, are with roswellians. People suck.

    I wonder if there is a way to encourage roswellians to become more environmentally conscientious. The only way they’d do it is probably if you gave them money. Sad.

  2. This is going to sound strange but after reading this and other blog entries I actually have an urge to visit Roswell…..It seems like it is a coolish place.

  3. So this was my experience at wal-mart. I would rather go to farmers for my stuff but i live right near wally and i was in need of some alcohol, and farmers doesnt have that. ANYWAYS, two bottles of wine equals 5 plastic bags, no joke, that shit went down. and i told her no but she didnt me or whatever, and i dug out the bottles myself. case number 2, circle K, got something and they started to bag it and i told them no, so they didnt, but threw the bag away anyway..what!?

  4. well, perhaps we can give some of these muscle heads the benefit of the doubt, and say that they are leaving the gym, and roll through the drive thru on their way home?

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