Extra Strawberry Banana – I will conquer you!

3 thoughts on “Extra Strawberry Banana – I will conquer you!”

  1. Honey. In keeping with your blog, do you remember that part in Eat, Pray, Love, where Liz is describing the marriage of a couple she knows? She talks about how the wife is a WASP, always suppressing her emotions, and one time she got REALLY mad and wrote horrible words on the wall. Not in her native english, but in italian so that her husband could read it. And to write in Italian, she had to think about what she wanted to say, and then translate it. So she even stays true to her nature when trying to express anger–she still censors herself.

    I had a point, but I seem to have forgotten it. Maybe i’ve missed the point. But I think it involves the fact that when you’re angry, let it out. Scream it out. Because there’s a reason you are, and who gives a crap (you know I wanted to say a really bad word here, because I have no problem letting out anger) if you’re emotional and impulsive. Don’t turn into one of those empty-shell people like the wasps we see in NH. If you start wearing Patagonia and cargo pants, and then begin selling maple syrup out of your honda, i’ll officially disown you as my friend.

    Your honesty makes you lovable and real. And those are the two things I love most about you. That and the fact that you say “venture for crackers.” I mean, who else but you?


  2. I apologize that this comment isn’t as sweet as Danielle’s above. I was just thinking how bubblegum is marketed much like condoms are. That picture made me think of it. Wild, exotic flavor! Lots of color! Sensations in general! Really fun fonts!

    Okay bye.

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