Happy Monday! (Especially in Armenia)

5 thoughts on “Happy Monday! (Especially in Armenia)”

  1. January sixth is also Three Kings Day, the day when many people in many countries (including Mexico) give gifts, the celebration of the coming of the Magi. The twelve days of Christmas are BEFORE Christmas, I believe, thus the celebration of Twelfth Night in England. (I could be wrong about all of this.) Here’s one I heard this morning before heading to work myself–this is THE Blue Monday. Cheers to you, Jenny Currier, and to Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. (“So it goes.”)

    1. The twelve days of Christmas (or “Christmastide”) do begin on Christmas day, but celebrating that the magi arrived today makes sense… I know today begins Epiphany in my church, but I’ve never stopped to think about what that means. I just consider it as a season AFTER Christmas, not ON Christmas. Lauren suggested a different calendar system, and I like that idea.

      THE Blue Monday? Do explain!

      P.S. Enjoy Elvis’s birthday soon 🙂

  2. oh man that’s so funny! and we can do “how to eat your way through Europe”!

    also… isn’t January 6th Epiphany? Like Eva said, the visit of the Magi to the baby Jesus, aka his physical manifestation. Also, this is actually Christmas Day under the Julian calendar instead of the Gregorian. We learned this in German class in HS when FB was teaching us about the custom of taking the tree down January 6th. that’s all I remember though.

    1. It is Epiphany, yes. And okayyyyy I suppose that would make sense, but Epiphany (in my church) is its own celebration. I’m just not smart enough to put two and two together.

      HOWEVER! I like the calendar idea more! And really? How do you remember that from high school?? It’s not surprising that I zoned out during something FB said. That’s obviously why I’m not her favorite.

      1. yes to the calendar thing! cool huh! atleast if I’m remembering what FB said. you don’t need to be her favorite, because you’re my favorite.

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