BLOG OF SUCK; alternatively, “The Incident Report”

8 thoughts on “BLOG OF SUCK; alternatively, “The Incident Report””

  1. “Overall, though, I’m quite thankful to not have cracked my head open or broken a bone or slipped a disc.”
    To that I say, here here.
    Also, for the record, I don’t think this blog post sucked. Although, I haven’t been a very good reader lately so I can’t say too much either way for the last few. I’ll catch up soon and let you know! — Steph

  2. Oh my word I totally did the same thing (sort of) when I was a server. I was walking to the kitchen carrying plates, turned the corner (where, thankfully, nothing but the security cameras saw me), and my feet flew out from under me. I managed to still be holding ALL of the plates and I burst into laughter. Because that’s what I do when I don’t know what else to do.

    I hope you heal quickly.

    I love your blog.

    And I think if you only have the mindset to be read by lots of people then it wouldn’t be as good. I like that I’m reading about your life. Sometimes it just takes a while. But you should enjoy it. That’s why I do it. It’s cathartic. I can tell you enjoy writing, so keep writing the things you like. Occasionally write something that would “appeal to the masses” like a ’97 pics of kitten yawns’ blog… But what you’re doing is better. Just takes a while sometimes.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, love. I agree that writing to please people yields poor results. Whenever I try to do that, it comes out forced and stupid, and ironically less popular. I’m glad that you enjoy reading it, as I enjoy reading yours! I still think we need to combine forces this summer. That would really be a force to reckon with 🙂

  3. Writing is for the writer and she alone. Editors and publishers and friends and the muppets of Sesame Street are all safely tucked in at night by deus ex machina kind of writing. But that is beyond laziness; it is heresy. Remember the gospel according to:

    Bukowski, “So you want to be a writer?”
    And Miller (the vulgarity of it corroborates the point), “Advice to a young writer”

    And as a tangential note, even the Frommers were wise enough to agree with Stephen King: “the road to hell is paved with adverbs.”

    1. Thank you, DS. Granted, you lost me at “deus ex machine,” but I picked back up sometime around the Frommers 🙂 I’m so surprised to see you alive in the cybersphere! How have you been?? Glad to hear from you. Thanks for continuing to read my blog–it is quite the compliment!

  4. Too hard on yourself. I think Dad and I both read it. I’m the only parent who makes comments which demonstrate from whom you inherited your wonderful writing abilities (if you can inherit such a thing). Hope you are on the mend and that you did take some of my advice (the other RN who isn’t nursing anymore). I trip over my feet daily and have my arm in a brace for the next three months. Sounds like you are following in my footsteps which may be better than following in your dad’s who slid on ice and hit a tree skiing (luckily it was his shoulder (AC Separation) and not his head head..

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