The Path To Hollywood Is Paved With Mediocre Singers

7 thoughts on “The Path To Hollywood Is Paved With Mediocre Singers”

  1. Just read this. Don’t watch the show but will comment anyway. Didn’t even recognize J-Lo. More than facial caviar I’d say. But she did look amazing. Based on your comments about the auditions, it reminds me of So You Think You Can Dance. They let a lot of folks go on to Las Vegas but narrow it down based on talent (and in a nice way). One of my complaints following recent happenings in Roswell is what our kids are exposed to: Too much graphic violence, too much celebrating dysfunctional families, too many reality shows that use intimidation and extreme badgering of individuals (i.e., Dance moms–ad nauseum–I’d like to see this overly critical and harsh woman perform en pointe in a tutu). Put yourself in one of the contestants shoes. Do you want millions of people watching you cry because someone is harsh in their criticism. Where is the center these days? What is the norm? Work with children and listen to what they believe the norm is and then you will be glad that Simon is gone.

    1. If I were to subject myself to a show in which I knew I’d be judged on television, I would probably have to go in with a thick skin, i.e., I would never do it.

      That doesn’t mean Simon HAD to be rude, but I also don’t think EVERY PERSON SHOULD GO TO HOLLYWOOD. There’s a problem with telling everyone they’re awesome, because not everyone is awesome. At least not in the same way. So, if the judges want to be nice and tell contestants “I’m sorry, no,” then fine. But they’re not saying no. That was my point.

      1. What do you think about the show The Bachelor? They need Simon on that show to send people home! Ridiculous people behaving badly.

      2. Oh my goodness! I get sucked in, but then have to walk away because the women are crazy, the guy is douche-y, they’re all so fake and weird. I can’t deal with it.

  2. I do not agree about Keri-Lynn Roche. She is not a good singer technically. She is mediorche and somewhat attractive, but she is just as bland and unoriginal as the rest of these so-called singers. Unfortunately, I live in Ann Arbor and have had her crap shoved down my throat. So knows some of the right people and that’s pretty much it. I had a record deal in my younger days and decided to call it quits after the label forced me to go solo and work with studio muscians. They still own the rights to a few of my songs and were really only interested in pop songs. I have to mention that this was during the time before Ipods and when the major labels were starting to lose money via music sharing sites. Anyway, it mainly comes down to luck and being at the right place at the right time. I met a lot of bands that were really good and original, but the record companies couldn’t be bothered to take a chance and really help to grow and harvest the talent. I am glad more people are getting their music out nowadays. Back then, the royalties were garbage and new bands usually only made money by touring. I just wish that REAL songwriters could make money, but instead we get Roche and the like who are seen as unique because they are young, can sing covers and play a bit of guitar. Also, when I say original, I don’t mean weird psychedelic college radio bands (although I do enjoy Black Moth Super Rainbow and Tobacco). I just hate seeing Vanilla bands being seen as musical prophets when they are just the new flavor of the week for tweens. I just get sick of the new flavor always being vocally lazy pop song writing variations of vanilla. Just because Roche doesn’t suck as bad as the other artists doesn’t mean she is good.

    1. I haven’t followed any of the idol contestants since that first audition show. I definitely wouldn’t have considered her a musical prophet, but I thought she had a good voice. However, I agree with what you’re saying, and I know there is plenty of undiscovered/unappreciated talent out there! Thanks for your comment 🙂

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