The Coolest Pumpkin Display You’ll Ever See

6 thoughts on “The Coolest Pumpkin Display You’ll Ever See”

  1. Holly story made me laugh! The pumpkins are so cool!! Loved the March Hare from the Alice in Wonderland series. And, of course, Wonka. He’s awesome.

    I hope I get to see this with you someday!

    (Harry Potter catches a golden snitch, though. You big goof! Haha)

    1. OMG how embarrassing! I must edit!!!!

      And yes, you MUST come see this with me someday! You’d love it. And you could keep me from saying stupid things, like using quidditch and snitch synonymously. Good Lord.

  2. Very cool indeed. Sadly I missed pumpkin carving night at the Willis home. I doubt any pumpkin I carved would look like any special. Probably lose a finger as well.

  3. Wow! This is amazing. Me and my husband just moved here last year. How did we not know about this?! Thanks for sharing. This one is on our books for this year.

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