Global Scavenger Hunt: Here I Come

15 thoughts on “Global Scavenger Hunt: Here I Come”

  1. This is so awesome! So exciting to see how some words I wrote were part of what inspired you to go on this adventure!

    1. First, they reached me during a time of fasting (like the story of Hannah–wow!). And then this, and the idea to fundraise. And now, for Lent, an intention to Sabbath better. Thank you for the encouragement!

  2. What an amazing adventure! I can’t wait to follow along … found you via Steve Wiens. He’s a gem, that one. I am so happy for you – that you found a partner and such a wonderful cause. What beauty we have on this Earth. Peace!
    Katherine Kelly

    1. Thank you, Katherine!! Steve is so awesome! I had the privilege of meeting him and listening to him talk, but his book just hit all the right places for me this year. Thank you so much for reading and saying hello!!

  3. This gave me absolute goosebumps! I will be interested to hear about your fundraising – and any information about I can do to add some assistance with this. God works in wonderful ways and he never sets a challenge before us that we cannot accomplish through trust in Him. Can’t wait to hear about your wonderful adventures.

    1. Thank you!! There will definitely be more to follow. I have some ideas for the fundraising aspect, but I’m still praying about it. I’m just excited to see what God has in store. Thank you for your encouragement and support in this! It really means so much.

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