natalie portman overload

11 thoughts on “natalie portman overload”

  1. I think she’ll win the oscar for best lead actress for black swan. Probably deservingly so as well. There is a very nice short film she acted in a few years back, part of the movie “Paris, je t’aime”. Check it out if you’re still in the overload stage.

  2. Thanks for the clip…so good!! I just heard about that movie, actually, and added it to my Netflix rotation. Did you see/hear that Natalie won the SAG for best actress? She definitely deserves it I think!

  3. I know, this clip is awesome. The music during the fast motion scene has been haunting me every since I saw that for the first time. You should watch the whole movie, it’s a collection of short films, some better than others but definitely worth watching it. Another great film from that movie:

  4. Despite my love for Natalie, I liked this clip better! It’s so good! Did you notice, though, when it said he took her to all her favorite movies, that one of the billboards read “Damnation”? Now maybe those Parisians are a different breed, but that doesn’t sound like MY favorite kind of movie. hahaha

  5. Haha, the “Damnation” billboard is probably allegoric to the story, but you can’t really know with the French…By the way, when the guy said that he hates it when his wife ends up eating part of what he orders, I swear I heard a voice from beyond screaming “JOEY DOESN’T SHARE FOOD!” 🙂

  6. I totally had a Black Swan moment the other week at school. This was when NMSU was just getting started for the semester and everyone was still going to class, so there were no close parking spots. I parked out at the ACF and as I was getting out of my car, up pulls the exact same make, model, and color car (which is unusual since I don’t drive a truck like everyone else). Then out gets a girl with the same haircut and color as me, but her hair is hiding her face so I can’t see it and she doesn’t notice me even though I’m 2 parking spots away. I was like, um, is that me? Seriously, I’ve never even seen another car like mine in New Mexico, and nobody parks out in that lot. Then I obsessively followed her to try and catch a glimpse of her face to make sure it wasn’t me (or Natalie Portman), but I never got to see it….

      1. Correct, bright turquoise blue hoodie was the give away. Phew, that was a close one! Just to be safe, I’m never, ever pulling at a hangnail again.

  7. donkeys and monkeys. neat stuff, jc. it seems i no longer dream about natalie or fantasize about her as i did as a young boy, but then you write this and i see clips and my mind wanders. for i was only two years younger than her when i watched her seek revenge on stansfield and, of course, fell in love. and during her training she also teaches leon! (see clip) but i will not be able to see her in that we’re friends so lets get freaky under the sheets flick. too emotional.

    1. Nice clip, Higgadoo. I do remember liking that scene.

      The freaky in the sheets movie isn’t as bad as you think, but I support your decision not to see it. Instead of donkeys and monkeys, you’d have to quote things like “You make my heart have premature ventricular contractions.” I don’t think you could cope.

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