Palm Reading and Hocus Pocus

5 thoughts on “Palm Reading and Hocus Pocus”

  1. Who wouldn’t want to set on red steps with a little old man who looks like a raisin wearing a whipped-cream cap? The best part? The best part is that you’ve figured out that books can inspire delight, adventure, travel, friendship, and (oh yeah) fairly tales, the most satisfying narratives of all.

  2. Hi Jenny, long time no hear/posts! Loved this post, (& the Fifty Shades of Grey one). I was in Queensland Australia visiting my folks and sister this month and was going to try the kopi luwak coffee in a funny little tea rooms up the hills behind Cairns in Australia, but found the $50 price tag just a little too rich for me. I will try it one day, (I’m still to young to have a bucket list, haha..

    Let me know what’s happening with you, still at college? How’s that thesis going? Still intending to come back to little ole NZ I at some stage I hope.

    Say hi to folks for me, that I nearly met! 🙂

    Keep that creative mind going & stay well!


    1. Dave! I know, it has been forever since I’ve written. I just started my NEW JOB (I indeed finished my thesis and graduated in June)! I’m working as an English teacher at a military academy. I teach freshmen in high school (9th grade) and freshmen in college (first year university students). So far I’m loving it, but I’m totally swamped in work. Tons of reading and lesson planning and GRADING, oh my!
      So you’re traveling again, eh?? I think the luwak coffee is good, but not worth $50!
      I still plan to return to my beloved New Zealand someday, but it will have to be on a holiday. Thankfully as a teacher, I get close to three months off each year, so I can still have time to travel. I’d like to do a European adventure next summer perhaps, but I will find my way to the other side of the world again…
      And of course, I will pass the message along to my folks!
      Thanks for saying hi! Hope all is well! I will try to post again soon 🙂

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