The Gum Crisis (And My Governmental Conspiracy Theory)

9 thoughts on “The Gum Crisis (And My Governmental Conspiracy Theory)”

  1. I’m glad to read this somewhat of a happy ending to your quest. I’m sure we can find a flavor to slowly wean you off that strawberry shortcake.
    How do you feel about a little bit of a tang? Have you tried any of the Trident Layers? (I am so afraid of your reaction to my question right now. Please still love me)

    1. You’re afraid of ME? Don’t be silly. Trident gum gets hard quickly, but I don’t mind tangy flavor… I just find it doesn’t have that dessert-like quality I seek. It’s hard to be sweet without being too sweet. (tangy would be the best compromise, actually.) Which flavor do you suggest?

  2. I am remiss because I have obviously missed my opportunity to experience the apparently glorious taste of Extra’s Strawberry Shortcake gum. I can’t really expect or ask to receive a piece of your shrinking supply. I am curious at what events or time of day that you chew gum. I cannot recall seeing you chew gum, but I am sometimes known for not being situational aware of events around me.

    1. Haha, no, i’ts not you. I don’t chew gum at the gym for fear of choking on it, but I chew gum after most meals or during long gaps in my day or when I’m WRITING. Especially when I’m writing. Or grading. Or trying to not snack on gummy bears. (this is why I go through gum quickly)

  3. Yes, a much healthier alternative to gummy bears! Gum is good!!! Oh yeah, I found a 24 pack of your gum (New) on ebay with one day of bidding left. You can get it for about $24 before shipping!!!

    1. Dangit! I didn’t get a chance to bid! I believe it ended up going for $30. I’ll just have to raid convenience stores and Farmer’s market. Thanks for checking into it, though! Keep your eye out around town 🙂

  4. I think you should write something about cleaning out all the stores in Roswell of their strawberry shortcake gum and getting your parents in on the act. I think you have enough to open a gum concession stand and charge outrageous prices for it. What did they get on e-bay? Maybe you can get airfare to Scotland if you play your “gum” right.

    1. Haha, I don’t think there’s anyone willing to pay outrageous prices for this gum–not even me! Besides, I’d prefer to joyfully roll around in the packs of gum Dad bought me and have the opportunity to chew it for a little while longer…

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