Leaving on a High Note

9 thoughts on “Leaving on a High Note”

  1. I don’t think I can eat dinner now. I’m full just reading about that. How can one small petite girl eat and digest all that food even over a month’s time.

  2. I am pickled with envy. I will take a picture of rolled pancakes this morning just to show how pitiful my life is. Joy and peace, Sis, and have a fabulous journey!

  3. Hey Jen, good to hear that the Queen isn’t down & out, (just holding her tummy and burbing a lot, and saying “Oh I shouldn’t have just eaten all that’)! I was wondering where you’d gone!

    Have a fantastic time eating your way around Europe, not quite sure if that is the right place to have ‘food sensitivities’ but I’m sure you’ll find a way around it!

    Don’t forget you need to come back down to little old New Zealand sometime and eat your way around here as well. There is more to food in NZ than Ferg Burgers in Queenstown you know! You have unfinnished business here. The Hey whanau would love to have you stay…

    Take care and safe travels…


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