Ten Confessions

Ten Confessions   1) I keep hearing pitter-pattering above my head, and I’m hoping it’s squirrels on the roof and not a family of mice inside the ceiling (this is not a “confession” as much as a current event.)   2) I went to Barnes and Noble today with the intention of buying gifts for … Continue reading Ten Confessions

How Zombies Are Made

I just wasted an hour of my life by sitting in traffic for absolutely no reason.   So, what happened was… I decided to go to the gym in East Greenwich.   Now, I don’t live in East Greenwich, and I’ve never been to the gym there, but that’s where the “sister location” to my … Continue reading How Zombies Are Made

The Universe Has Spoken

Universe: “So, Jenny. You think you figured out the system by being Miss Queen Positivity with your ‘sexy’ voice, eh? I’ve got a surprise for you.   “On your way to work, you will cough for no reason. Normally, you cough because you’re sick and your lungs filled with bubbling cauldrons of phlegm, but this … Continue reading The Universe Has Spoken

Compare and Despair

I’m about to go to Barnes and Noble with the intention of buying ONE thing, which inevitably means I’ll be leaving six hours later with four bags of books and a lost sense of time, pride, and money, so I figured I’d write a blog before I do that.   Since I last wrote, I’ve … Continue reading Compare and Despair