My Life in TV

“This show is my life”   Every six months or so, I become obsessed with a new TV show. It started with Friends (and will, to some degree, always be Friends **head bowed, fist in the air**), then it moved to Sex in the City, Dexter, How I Met Your Mother, and now it is … Continue reading My Life in TV

Men Vs. Women II

It has been brought to my attention that there could be a fourth reason why men would not want to read a blog about relationship advice written by a woman (more specifically, by me), and that could be this:   The advice is stupid.   “Make it rain”? Really, Jenny—make it rain?   Not “fix … Continue reading Men Vs. Women II

Men Vs Women

The Blogging Conundrum Answer me this. Recently, one of my friends found a blog by this guy who answers women’s questions about relationships and how to score a man and all of that. And his blog went viral—like thousands of women flocked to it. Now, being a blogger who doesn’t experience quite as much traffic … Continue reading Men Vs Women