My Life in TV

“This show is my life”   Every six months or so, I become obsessed with a new TV show. It started with Friends (and will, to some degree, always be Friends **head bowed, fist in the air**), then it moved to Sex in the City, Dexter, How I Met Your Mother, and now it is … Continue reading My Life in TV

I am Tiger

A QUESTION OF LANGUAGE   My college students read an essay by Gloria Naylor entitled, “A Question of Language,” and I have several things to comment about this experience.   The first is that hooray for me, I actually got my college students reading! Last semester I could have dropped my class into a pot … Continue reading I am Tiger

Have a butcher’s, mate

THE PLAGUE OF PEANUT BUTTER   I’ve been running experiments to see what causes my weird, fluctuating weight gain. Despite the obvious hypothesis of “Hello! How about that daily intake of ice cream?” I refuse to believe it –though I DID switch back and forth between no-sugar added and low-fat / no-fat ice cream, and … Continue reading Have a butcher’s, mate

Men Vs. Women II

It has been brought to my attention that there could be a fourth reason why men would not want to read a blog about relationship advice written by a woman (more specifically, by me), and that could be this:   The advice is stupid.   “Make it rain”? Really, Jenny—make it rain?   Not “fix … Continue reading Men Vs. Women II