Me Want Cookies

Things that Santa Claus and I have in common: 1. We like soft clothing 2. We have a distinctive (and perhaps frighteningly loud) laugh 3. We can consume a staggering number of cookies in a single day Earlier this month, I was asked to do something that quintessentially was a dream come true and marked one of my … Continue reading Me Want Cookies

It’s Greek To Me

[Note: This essay first appeared published on The International Writer’s Blog at Brown University, which you can find here]

It’s Greek To Me

The day before I flew to Greece for a month-long writing residency program, I called my Greek friend to ask for advice.

“It’s summer, the weather is beautiful, you’ll be on the beach. What’s there to know?” he asked. Continue reading “It’s Greek To Me”

Arriving to Greece

Tomorrow will mark one week since I departed the United States for Greece. I am on the island of Thasos attending a travel and food writing workshop in what could only be considered a love affair between Henry David Thoreau and island life. I had envisioned isolation, relaxation, dedication and focus. And maybe a Greek man offering me a … Continue reading Arriving to Greece

Ode to Fitbit

My Love for Fitbits Explained Okay, so I need to back it up for the blog readers who don’t know what a Fitbit is, i.e., my parents, and anyone who’s not as fanatically insane about exercising as I am. The Fitbit is a brand of tracking devices that the government uses to learn about our habits … Continue reading Ode to Fitbit

Ten Questions You Shouldn’t Ask a New Mexican

I’ve always known that there are few people in this world, and in this country, and in the neighboring state of Texas, who do not know anything about New Mexico. Whenever I encounter someone in New England who has been to New Mexico, I’m overjoyed because it means they know where it is! Even my well-meaning, extraordinarily intelligent friends ask questions … Continue reading Ten Questions You Shouldn’t Ask a New Mexican