This Christmas

2 thoughts on “This Christmas”

  1. Dale could keep a secret. He could listen to a person, to particularly private information and keep that to himself. When it came to the way the world EXPECTS people to behave, Dale knew that society is basically a bitch. He let people be themselves. If they liked sweet red wine, even if it had all the nuance of grape juice, he remembered their tastes and he responded to them. If they were big babies who needed someone to listen to them cry, he listened. He gave freely of his ears, and he gave shockingly little of his own secret self. He was an easy person to love, and he was a hard person to know. We are all lucky Dale did not play poker. He could read people and he had no “tell.” It does not seem real to me that he is gone. I cannot comprehend such a thing. My only consolation is my sincere belief that he has come round to a greater peace and joy than could ever be his here on earth. We are the ones suffering because we are the ones who must soldier on without his bon ami.

    1. That is all so true. My post did not do Dale justice, but I think part of the reason I didn’t elaborate was because I didn’t want to come off sounding like I knew him better than I did. But I realized today when it was mentioned at the service, one his many great attributes was that you only needed to meet him once and after that you were a friend. Dale became one of my most favorite people in Roswell, a source of light and life whose very presence made mine fuller. And I can’t imagine what it would be like for someone who actually qualifies as a ‘friend’ by real-world standards, and not by winery standards, to have lost someone like Dale.
      You know, I went to the winery only a couple days after I got into town, on the Saturday before Christmas…but he wasn’t working. I was bummed to not see him, but I figured there’d always be next time.
      I did think of something that made me smile today- I found a positive side to my Chip drama. If it had not been for that, I probably wouldn’t have met Dale, or at least not have seen him so regularly, so I’ve been shown at least one very good reason to be thankful for the hard times. Dale was, in so many ways, a blessing to those who knew him, and I’m glad I got to be incuded in that list.

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