The Day I Almost Died Swimming

10 thoughts on “The Day I Almost Died Swimming”

  1. Your story is so real. While reading I start to imagine the panic of swimming into the deep sea and I surprised myself breathing more hastily.

    1. That’s one of the greatest compliments I could think to receive! (the other one being that I’m funny…just because I like to think that I am). Thank you so much! Hopefully you don’t have to experience it for yourself 😉

  2. Ok, I was waiting for this full explanation (after the tease in a previous post). This is quite the story, and it reads like an action/suspense novel. If the outcome would have been different, we never would have known the details. More importantly, so glad you made it through the ordeal!

    1. David! I was going to have a “dedication” section and dedicate this blog to you because it was your comment that encouraged me to get it written. Thank you for that! And thank you for reading and commenting. I’m so glad you’re my writing groupie! 🙂

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