Day 2-3: Hong Kong Heroes

7 thoughts on “Day 2-3: Hong Kong Heroes”

  1. Jenny this is amazing!! Hong Kong is crazy, so even though your first day was rough I’m glad Day 2 was better 🙂 SO proud of you and happy to follow along this exciting journey! (And special yay to posing with Bruce Lee–he’s my idol! …although now you kinda are too <3)

    1. LIVIA!!!! Oh my gosh! Crazy story. I had a dream that you said something really kind to me, and it made me cry in my dream and I almost woke up crying. It was a lucid dream, but it made me miss you. Thanks for following along! Filakia polla!

  2. Fantastic foodie destinations so far! Don’t know if I could leave the wontons and ice cream but I guess it might even get better next stop. Should certainly be cheaper! So fun to follow along! – Thanks for owning the tough stuff too 😉

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