Texas, part II: Dude, where’s our stuff?

12 thoughts on “Texas, part II: Dude, where’s our stuff?”

  1. “Thirty-three on Thassos……..Thirty-four in Providence……..Thirty-five in Orlando…….
    Thirty-six in Texas…….”

    I’m going to look forward to this yearly update. Sort of like the “pick three countries” game before your global scavenger hunt.

    Glad to hear that all turned out well, and that the movers provided you all that was necessary for another great blog. Efharisto!

    1. David, I just love seeing your comments and the like notification on Twitter. I am so lucky to have you as a fan! Looking forward to our zoom call tomorrow!!

  2. “A final jab at my sensibilities from the moving company was giving the birthday gift of chaos.”

    Love this line haha. Glad everything arrived-ish!

  3. Your latest is fun, funny and I enjoyed it. One of those moves that will be embedded in your brain forever. On to the next adventure y’all.

  4. Jenny, I love your writing. Sorry I missed your Roswell visit. I’m hoping you two will come again soon. Hope you are enjoying the Texas free saunas. I’m sure it’s better than NM air fryer.
    We all love you here in the Alien capital

    1. Thank you, Teresa! We’re sorry to have missed you too! Hopefully next time 💜 and I don’t think Dallas is any better than NM! It’s actually a little more humid, so it might be worse 😅

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