3 thoughts on “Update”

  1. Hey!

    I just read your article about your visit of Montmartre, we are really happy that you enjoyed your visit with us their! We sent your article to Pierre and he had loved it!
    If you agree with what I’m gonna suggest, we can share your article on our Facebook Page, where we have more than 200k fans, and you would add a link to our website (discoverwalks.com) in exchange.

    Have a good time in Europe! We love your blog!

    DW team!

    1. Hello Thomas!

      I’m so glad you stumbled across my blog and enjoyed it! You are ABSOLUTELY more than welcome to link my blog to your Facebook page! I’d love to share my positive experiences with more people 🙂

      And if you happen to need a new Discover Walks location, I’d be happy to help start one in Providence, RI (the greatest undiscovered capital city in America-nicknamed Little Italy). I’m a fan of your program and would love to show people around The Ocean State!

      Thanks for reading and for sharing 🙂


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