Compare and Despair

I’m about to go to Barnes and Noble with the intention of buying ONE thing, which inevitably means I’ll be leaving six hours later with four bags of books and a lost sense of time, pride, and money, so I figured I’d write a blog before I do that.   Since I last wrote, I’ve … Continue reading Compare and Despair

A funny story

I thought this was funny, and also demonstrative of my life (i.e. it’s embarrassing)- Okay, some background information. When I was learning to play tennis, I had a knack for hitting balls with the frame of my racquet rather than, say, the strings–a skill that I still possess. One day after I finished a private lesson with my friend, a lesson … Continue reading A funny story

Top 10 of 2010

To commemorate the new year, my absolute FAVORITE holiday (as in, I loathe it with a passion only slightly less than that of Valentine’s Day), I’ve decided to compile a list of my top ten moments in 2010. These moments were determined by a sense of long-lasting (at least the entire day) euphoria and general extreme … Continue reading Top 10 of 2010