50 Shades of Grey: the literary libido killer.

14 thoughts on “50 Shades of Grey: the literary libido killer.”

  1. I just stepped out of my van parked in the Alaskan Bush and was surprised when I read your blog on my mean machine. I thought “50 Shades of Grey” had to do with the landscape up here. “How silly of me to think that”, I whispered to myself. Molly (pseudonym for Mommie Dearest).

  2. The cliche habit is enough to put me off the whole thing. It’s probably been a success because it’s “soft-core porn for housewives.” If you want a really fun summer read with more attention to a real man’s POV try The Boyfriend School by Sarah Bird.

  3. I insist that my waitresses whisper, actually, and I tip very poorly (or not at all) if they dare to raise their voice to a normal volume. Damn them and their incessant desire to be heard!

    Brilliant review! I laughed all the way through, then read it to my husband and had him laughing.

    1. Thank you, Katrina! I’m happy to know you and the hubby enjoyed my post to the laugh-out-loud extent that I enjoyed yours 🙂 I’ll need to figure out the whole video aspect so I can up the caliber of my blog–the videos you included were hilarious (Elaine? omg). I shall keep my eye out for more of your reviews, and if you create your own blog, let me know!

  4. Just like you to know me and all my roommates read this out loud and made fun of the book just now 🙂 We are whispering waitress things now… they all sound sexual

  5. Thank you for this review, it’s absolutely hilarious and so true. I thought I was the only one who felt this way. After being badgered for a year that I should read the book, I caved. Sorry I didn’t find this review sooner.

    1. Oh no! I’m glad you enjoyed the review, but I’m sorry you had to endure the book! One of my students told me that his cousin–in MIDDLE SCHOOL–had 50 Shades of Gray as a required reading. I really hope that’s inaccurate, for so many reasons.

  6. this is hilarious!!! laughed out loud so many times! i haven’t read this book, and up until 5 minutes ago, thought i would NEVER want to read it. but no one ever told me 50 shades was a comedy! now that i see how hilariously bad it is, i think i may give it a try, for those nights i just wanna light up a doobie and laugh my entire ass off.

    1. No, no, no! It will make your eyes bleed! Don’t do it! It’s so poorly written, it’ll make you nauseous. BUT if you do decide to read it, borrow a copy so you don’t have to waste your money 😉

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