Top O’ da Mornin’ To Ya

5 thoughts on “Top O’ da Mornin’ To Ya”

  1. Beautiful photos!! I am reminded why my favorite color is green! I love the columnar basalt photos, partly because I am a geologist. My McGee ancestors traveled from Scotland to Northern Ireland in the early 1700’s. My grandfather John McGee then left Ireland around 1730 aboard a ship bound for America! I must go there someday!!! Yes, I will be pub hopping!

    1. wow, what a great history! I ❤ everything Irish, Scottish, and UK-ish, minus their high prices. You definitely need to visit!

      the basalt columns were definitely cool! All of the terminology I learned regarding them flew out the window of my brain, otherwise I would've included more. Glad you were able to read between the lines and appreciate them 🙂

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