Haggis for Everyone! A tribute to Scotland.

6 thoughts on “Haggis for Everyone! A tribute to Scotland.”

  1. That is too funny. My Scottish heritage has endeared me to hosting a small Burns’ Night Supper every January for his birthday for the past several years. I actually have a “Haggis guy” down in Oregon. And my Scottish grandfather (McPhee clan) who lived in Massachusetts, used to wear bright orange every year for the Boston St. Patrick’s Day parade. My mother said he always came home bloody, beaten, and beaming from ear to ear. (orange representing the Protestantism compared to the rampant Irish Catholicism of the day). Ah family traditions.

    1. I had no idea there was a “McPhee” side of you! How exciting! Have you been to Scotland? Do you still have family there?

      And you have a Haggis guy!? That’s legit. Do you have an Irn Bru guy, too? Because I’d like to borrow him if you do 🙂

  2. I don’t have any family in Scotland that I know of today. Most of my Scottish ancestors emigrated to New Scotland (Nova Scotia) long, long ago. That’s how my family ended up in New England. I visited Scotland once when I was very young. Nothing but distant memories now, though, I do have it on my bucket list to revisit one day.
    As to the Irn Bru guy, I do have one of those. Lol. There are a couple of international markets in Seattle that offer many of the beloved food stuffs from around the world. That is among the stuffs. Of course, a quick internet search shows that there are ways to order some online too if one were desperate enough—even on Amazon. 😉

    1. Really? I will have to look into this! Or maybe you can let me borrow your Irn Bru guy –I’m sure he’d appreciate the business 🙂

      Definitely get back to Scotland when you can. Granted, I’ve only been there once, but I contend it’s one of the greatest places on earth 🙂

  3. Hate to break it to you, but Daddy is the meatloaf chef, not I or me (whichever is proper use of grammar). I personally have never eaten a meatloaf that I enjoyed so I guess I wouldn’t like haggas either. But I’d be willing to try. After all, I took a taste of raw hamburger meat when working in Ethiopia so as not to insult my Ethiopian friends. If I can do that, I can do anything (well almost–would never try Rocky Mt. oysters–not even on a bet)

    1. You’re funny, mom.
      1. I would’ve said “me” is correct, but now I feel confused.
      2. you don’t like meatloaf either? I think it grew on me enough to enjoy the haggis. You might like it, but in an “oh, this isn’t as gross as I thought it’d be” kind of way.
      3. haggis is better than raw hamburger
      4. you’d NEVER try oysters? really? Covered in cocktail sauce, they’re great.

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