“So Long, and Thanks for All the Cheese!” – parting words from my appendix

16 thoughts on ““So Long, and Thanks for All the Cheese!” – parting words from my appendix”

  1. May God continue to bless and carry you through this storm. Praying for complete healing. We love you Jenni

  2. Jenny! What an adventure! Mercy! So happy you are better and ready once more to write. You are the best!

    Blessings and HUGE Belief, Gwendolyn >

  3. Oh my! We had heard after the fact that you went through this, but what an ordeal (and as always, great writing)! I was made appendix free in in February of 1983, and I haven’t missed it one bit, so there’s that to look forward to. The way others took care of you was simply amazing, and not at all surprising. We look forward to your next visit, and will reduce the cheese on hand before you arrive.

    1. Don’t you dare reduce the cheese! I want all the cheese!!! Haha thank you so much! I will have to hear about your story when I visit again. Another way you, Lauren, and I are united! #appendixfree

  4. Oh friend, I am so thankful that your neighbor stayed with you in your time of need. I know you had some salty nurses, but I am so relieved that you are recovering well. And about the surgeon initialing your abdomen… it part of the pre-op checklist and “right patient, right procedure, right site” protocol, ensuring the surgeon has marked her incision site on you right lower quadrant, McBurney’s point (that textbook sign). Believe it or not, they started having surgeons initial patients correct surgical sites due to amputations of the WRONG EXTREMITY! Crazy, right?!! Anyway, love you! Xoxo

    1. Thank you for solving the mystery!!! I’m so glad they seem to have removed the correct organ 😂. That is crazy! I hope you are well, friend. And to be fair, I had one nurse of questionable cheer, and the rest were amazing, as you are! Love you too!

  5. Oh dear! Thank goodness you are on the mend. Charlie and Shelly must have been going crazy during this time. I will reach out to them.
    Jenny, what a beautiful message to share and a reminder that everyone is our brother and sister.

  6. Having worked as a nurse for 22 years, with a majority of my work in an acute care setting (Surgical Floor or ACU-Outpatient), I was very dismayed about the nurse (or possibly–nurse’s aide) who did not help you out of bed and made you “carry your own IV pole”. Unbelievable to be so uncaring and, I’m sorry, incompetent. At least the the bubbly nurse, anesthesiologist, and surgeon, as well as pre and post op staff, did a much better job–really did what was required and expected of health care providers.

  7. You handled all that like a champ Jenny! It’s such a privilege to have you as a friend, if not for the amazing person you are, then at least for these great stories where I felt like I was with you!
    PS: the mark is part of quality care in surgery where they mark the “site” of surgery so they don’t do the wrong thing!

    1. Aw why thank you!! I don’t know where I’d be without friends who don’t mind receiving pictures and descriptions of my ailments and who can advise me on how many milligrams of Tylenol you can safely take 😂 I am honored to have you as a friend!

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