Waitress Rant: Beware

I just watched a rerun of Friends in which Dr. Green, Rachel’s dad, yells at a waiter for bringing him a ’74 bottle of wine instead of a ’75 (“Everyone knows that ’74 was a sewer year! Is that what you wanted—to bring me sewer water?”) and he follows it with this charming sentiment:   … Continue reading Waitress Rant: Beware

The End of Ireland

(as in, the end of my trip, not the end of the country)   A Wee Bit O’ Ireland (Part III)   The best/worst/weirdest day ever in Ireland continues!   [If you missed Ireland Part I or Ireland Part II, please follow the links so you can feel knowledgeable.]   When last I wrote, I … Continue reading The End of Ireland

Step Inside the Map: London

I’m currently sitting in Regents Park, eating a “supercharge” salad dinner, and watching kids who don’t speak English successfully feed squirrels from their hands, which if you ask me is like feeding demon creatures because squirrels are freaking scary, while Simon is off working his bartender magic. (When I say “bartender magic,” I mean magic. … Continue reading Step Inside the Map: London

The Gum Crisis (And My Governmental Conspiracy Theory)

Just yesterday I had a long conversation with a Bostonian about what type of person is “difficult,” in the business-consumer kind of way. I claim it’s the boss-type, one who is used to having power and/or wealth, such as CEO’s, AVP’s, those girls on Sweet Sixteen, “experts”, etc. I do not, myself, exhibit this behavior … Continue reading The Gum Crisis (And My Governmental Conspiracy Theory)

Have a butcher’s, mate

THE PLAGUE OF PEANUT BUTTER   I’ve been running experiments to see what causes my weird, fluctuating weight gain. Despite the obvious hypothesis of “Hello! How about that daily intake of ice cream?” I refuse to believe it –though I DID switch back and forth between no-sugar added and low-fat / no-fat ice cream, and … Continue reading Have a butcher’s, mate