Have a butcher’s, mate

THE PLAGUE OF PEANUT BUTTER   I’ve been running experiments to see what causes my weird, fluctuating weight gain. Despite the obvious hypothesis of “Hello! How about that daily intake of ice cream?” I refuse to believe it –though I DID switch back and forth between no-sugar added and low-fat / no-fat ice cream, and … Continue reading Have a butcher’s, mate

Hello, Minibar

One month ago today I hiked the Tongariro Crossing, said to be the best day hike in New Zealand, and today I hiked again for the first time since leaving New Zealand. As if I weren’t already feeling nostalgic, I met a hiker on my trek who told me he was planning a trip to … Continue reading Hello, Minibar

Burgers on Ice

Fergburger   The first time I heard of Fergburger was the day I met Nicole.  We were talking about things to do in Queenstown because I had just moved here, and she said there was this place that makes massively huge burgers. “They really are quite good,” she said in her German/Italian accent, and told … Continue reading Burgers on Ice