The Roswell Death March

7 thoughts on “The Roswell Death March”

  1. Way to go! Next year is the 25 th Bataan memorial march. I am planning to do it. My Uncle Frank Franchini survived the Bataan death march and was rescued by the US Army Rangers as described in the book Ghost Soldiers. H I found a photo on the internet of Frank taken the moment of his rescue and he had a smile from ear to ear. He had malaria re-occur 32 times throughout his life. Lets make a commitment to do it next year.

  2. What an enjoyable read. Now I know why I was a mango short. Glad you had it though since I still haven’t eaten the other two. Now every time I see a mango which I love to eat, I will conjure up thoughts of you attacking it and visualize zombies eating brains out of trash cans.

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