Journaling 101: A sneak peak inside my journal

7 thoughts on “Journaling 101: A sneak peak inside my journal”

  1. Having a social life in Roswell is hard to achieve. Finding someone in Roswell that you WANT to date is really hard to achieve. Going to the gym is part of my plan of creating distractions from the reality that is Roswell.

  2. So when’s the next post? Some people enjoy New Mexican satire! Like Santa Fe sands through the hour glass, but Roswell style…

    1. Thank you for thinking of me! I’ve entered into a severe case of writer’s block because I’m going through massive life changes, and while that should–in theory–provide inspiration, for me, it turns my brain into crosswires and fried mush. If you can imagine such a gross combination.
      However, school ends this afternoon (officially), so hopefully I will have a blog soon!

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